Atrium is a revolutionary campus card management solution for institutions of any size. It provides the functionality of traditional systems… re-imagined for the future. Easy and powerful for administrators to use, Atrium is backed by personalized support and a 100% availability guarantee from a trusted name in the industry.

Mobile, Intuitive, Secure.

Atrium provides a superior user experience for today’s iGeneration students through effortless access to services on and off campus through their mobile devices.  And, as a secure, hosted cloud system, Atrium lowers the cost of ownership making it the ideal campus management solution.

Why We're Different

  • Designed for the Admin

    Atrium provides a revolutionary Dashboard user interface for the admin based on three years of extensive input from campus card administrators and industry leaders. Dashboard is a 100% browser interface enabling permission-driven administration anywhere, anytime through desktop and laptop. You personalize and customize Atrium to meet the specific needs of your campus right down to the terminology you want to use. Atrium Dashboard is fast, powerful, and all-inclusive, eliminating the need for special computer skills and add-on packages for reporting and other tasks. And Atrium automatically keeps the admin informed through real-time performance monitoring and configurable push notifications.

  • Personal Service

    AtriumCare is a personalized, fast-response, 24/7/365 service, provided by seasoned industry professionals. Your dedicated service team has a working knowledge of your system, and offers a single point of contact for any of your needs. AtriumCare includes a 100% availability guarantee with push notification of upgrades and updates. And if you have a question about Atrium or any of your connected systems, just call us. We’re here to help.

  • Budget Friendly

    Atrium reduces the cost of ownership.  As a secure, hosted cloud system Atrium eliminates the need for costly, proprietary on-campus infrastructure and expensive maintenance contracts.  Atrium features a renewable five-year Fixed Price Guarantee, and one-time-per-connection setup charges allow for you to connect to your existing campus systems and expand with no fear of recurring fees or price increases.

  • Secure Transactions

    Atrium is an extension of proven card system technology in use today at over 100 of the nation’s leading universities and colleges. Atrium technology has securely processed over $2B in financially sensitive transactions since 1998 without incident and is used by over 1.4 million students and parents.  Atrium is a secure, hosted cloud solution with a PCI DSS Level 1 design, security-heavy framework, redundant firewalls, and Juniper security essentials.  As an option, institutions can choose to store sensitive cardholder data on campus.

  • Effortless for Students

    Designed from the ground up by former card program directors and administrators working with leading IT engineers and the latest technology, Atrium provides a superior user experience for today’s iGeneration students. A wide variety of on and off campus services are effortlessly accessed by students, parents, and family through mobile devices and various forms of campus ID, including the latest smartphone ID technologies. Atrium incorporates StudentLink, a trusted name in online account management since 1998 to increase deposits and reduce administrative support costs.