Atrium at NACCU 2013

April 29, 2013

We recently took the opportunity to join with our peers at NACCU 2013 in Orlando, Florida during the middle of April, and it was great to see the excitement that our product has been generating. While many of us have been members of this community for years, last year was our introduction of Atrium. Our revolutionary new system marked a fresh approach to campus card administration, and much like any paradigm shift in the way people do things, there were a ton of questions about how Atrium would work. After countless hours of testing, forums, and discussions with administrators across the country, we developed a system that anticipated their needs and responded quickly to their requests, all in a cost-efficient platform.

We’ve installed Atrium in live campuses since our first NACCU, and the real-time data and feedback has been phenomenal. The campus card administrators that visited our booth at this year’s show had heard the buzz, were curious to see it for themselves, and were ready with their own questions. We were able to show them actual use cases from some of our satisfied customers, allow them to test drive an Atrium dashboard, and show them how our system will make their lives easier and more productive. We hosted a roundtable discussion on “Hosting Campus Card Management Systems in the Cloud” that was very informative and thoroughly validated what we’ve known for the past two years: that the technology of our industry is changing and it’s past time that we caught up.

More Atrium systems are being installed in the coming months and new capabilities are being added as we learn of new administrator needs. If you had the opportunity to visit with us in Orlando, thank you for coming by. If you missed us at NACCU, contact us to learn what Atrium can do for your campus.