How can Atrium take the burden off of you?

June 17, 2013

Karen Barnes

Karen Barnes
Mount St. Mary’s Card Administrator

Mount St. Mary’s is a liberal arts university in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  It is the second oldest Catholic college in the United States, and has a student population of just over 2,000.  Their size, however, does not mean that they have any limitations when it comes to campus card system needs.

Karen Barnes is the Mount Card Supervisor for the school. For the past five years, she has been a “one person office” for their “one card world.”  In addition to standard duties such as issuing cards and assigning access and roles to accounts, she performs many of the management and accounting functions for the Mount St. Mary’s system.  Her biggest role, and to her the most rewarding, is assisting students.  Whether answering their meal plan questions or helping them to make deposits, she’s always available to them.

When we began working with Karen to design the Atrium system for her campus, her first thought was in applications for dining services.  “I didn’t really know what to expect,” she told us.  Through a comprehensive question and answer period and visits to the campus, she told us what her needs were.

“The Atrium team listened to what we wanted.  Our system was tailored to what our needs were vs. a provider telling us what we needed to have.”

Previous providers had also left her wanting when it came to service needs.  “I felt like I didn’t have the IT support,” she said.  A problem with a card reader would force her to call the provider, who would direct her to the manufacturer of the reader, who would schedule a support session for IT.  In addition to offering her recommendations for suitable POS readers, we were able to stand with her in a dining hall as the system went live and the first transaction took place.  “A few transactions down the line when we went live, we had a problem with a card.  Jon and his crew were promptly on their iPads, and the problem was resolved in seconds.”

She was also impressed with the ease of the transition.  “After we went live, I saw a real time transaction on my administrator dashboard.  The Vice President of the college had made a purchase.  I asked him how the experience was, and he shrugged and said, “Just fine.””  He wasn’t aware that we had gone live at Mount St. Mary’s.  Certainly a great example of a smooth transition.

Having this level of support means a lot to Karen.  Being cloud-based means that she no longer has to schedule support and block out time for server access.  Her Atrium support team is always a chat or email away, and no resolution has taken longer than two hours.  She once sent us an email at 4 a.m.  Our Jon Gear replied, “Karen, go back to sleep.  I am here to take the worry off of you.”

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