Atrium Service is A Level Above

August 6, 2013

The feedback we’re receiving from Atrium customers has been great, and in addition to the flexibility and ease of use, our level of support has been getting rave reviews. When we talked to Calvin Gladden, Director of Business and Auxiliary Services for Goucher College in Maryland, he really drove that home. For Calvin, it came down to that level of service, and it’s a cornerstone of what we provide. The responsiveness of Atrium and features like AtriumCare Live Chat were big selling points for him. He described his decision to make the move from his previous provider to Atrium very succinctly:

“It never mattered what level of service you had.  Gold, Platinum or Rust – you went into a queue.”

We understand that while the needs of a campus come in all shapes and sizes, each service call is a critical issue in the eyes of the caller.  That’s why AtriumCare is complimentary with every system that we install.  That’s why we don’t believe in outsourcing your service to a call center.  Our service center is here, answering the phone.  The person on the other end is intimately familiar with your system, and more often than not has walked in your shoes.  The development of Atrium was based on feedback from professionals in the industry.  The team that we’ve assembled is made up of people with decades of experience in card services.  This is why we incorporated features like AtriumCare Live Chat, so that your dedicated AtriumCare Specialist is always a click away.  We personally visit each and every campus, and our team is there through each and every installation, assuring that someone who knows how to solve your issue is answering your question.

Someone creating a great deal of passion for exemplary service at Atrium is Ben Kahoussi.  Ben began over a decade ago with JSA Technologies, and as someone who has been a System Administrator, Database Administrator, Code Tester, and more, he has a great wealth of knowledge about our system and how it works for you.  He’s familiar with the other vendors and products that are available to card administrators now, and in his words, “What they lack in vision, we make up for in the quality of our product and our level of service.  It’s amazing how much you learn and how good you can be just by listening.”   It is his vision that Atrium will have a reputation as a company with incredibly reliable service and world-class support.  Ben’s results and feedback from Atrium users says that his vision is quickly becoming a reality.

Ben is one of our AtriumCare Specialists.  He grew up in Greece, and came to the United States in 1991 to receive his Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University.  He holds an MS from NYU, and has been working in card administration for over a decade.  Ben lives in Boston with his lovely wife and their four children.