Atrium Takes Flight at Embry-Riddle

January 6, 2014

One could argue that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) has always been on the leading edge of education.  Accepting their first students barely two decades after the first flight of the Wright Brothers, they’ve served as educators to astronauts, military personnel, decorated pilots, and elected officials.  What began as a small flight school in Ohio is now an international program with over 150 campuses around the world.  Time Magazine referred to them as “The Harvard of the Sky.”  They boast a combined annual enrollment of nearly 32,000, and offer degrees not only in aviation, but engineering, science, business, and arts.

We recently caught up with Joseph Busch, Director of Information and Technology Services for ERAU.  We worked with Busch to bring Atrium to the residential campuses of ERAU in Florida and Arizona, where 9,000 students use the solution for dining, vending, copy, laundry, off-campus merchants, flight management, access rights, attendance tracking, and various point-of-sale applications.  Atrium provided the new EAGLEcard solution on a single source, turnkey basis inclusive of all new best of breed hardware and services.  What caused ERAU to become an early adopter of Atrium?

“We performed an extensive RFP search for a new campus card system.  We were interested in a solution that provided modern functionality, open architecture, easy to use graphical interface, a robust roadmap, and of course, one that could reduce our costs.  Atrium was chosen for all these reasons.”

 Also important for Busch was the fact that Atrium is modular, and able to integrate with many of their existing enterprise systems.  Being cloud based reduced the need for costly infrastructure.  From an administration standpoint, they have found it to be quite easy to navigate, the intuitive user interface leads you to necessary activities, and reporting and account administration is no longer a painful chore.  Having the backing of JSA Technologies told Busch that Atrium was well thought-out, and would have the longevity required of a seasoned school.

Working with Embry-Riddle was a unique opportunity for us.  It was our most complex system to date, and we were entrusted with the project management role for the entire project.  We contracted POS for dining, laundry, vending, copy, and set up hosting for their card production.  They trusted us, and we created a one-stop-shop solution that met all of their needs.  We also delivered a finished product inside of two months,” said Atrium Vice President David McQuillin.

We were able to tailor a unique solution for Embry-Riddle, and our relationship with them continues to evolve.  We’re currently integrating a security access solution that was specifically tailored for their diverse campus needs.  Contact us to see how Atrium can improve your campus today.