Best of Breed Brings the Best in Value

October 24, 2016

You may remember the commercials. They were for a budget hotel chain, and staying in one of their rooms apparently unleashed hidden skill sets. In one spot, a crowd of physicians huddled over an operating table.

“Wait…You’re not the doctor.”

“No, I’m not, but I did stay in a (X-Brand Hotel) last night.”

Getting a good deal on a hotel room does not make one a qualified thoracic surgeon. Likewise, being a door access vendor does not make one an expert in POS systems.

Think about it:  Would you call your plumber to fix your transmission? Would you call your veterinarian to address the faulty wiring in your family room? Probably not. Why, then, would you buy an access system from a company that doesn’t specialize in access control?

Most of the campus card products on the market come with a lengthy list of proprietary hardware and software requirements. Dedicated on-site servers are installed to support a host of features and products that you may or may not need. Updates are forced upon you with new mandates for locks, vending machines, copiers and more, and often entail troublesome downtimes for administrators and users. All of this for components that you didn’t want in the first place.

Think about this also:  Do you still use a Blackberry? Most of you don’t, because technology has improved at such a pace as to render them obsolete. Then why be harnessed to obsolete hardware or software thrust upon you by a vendor?

The Atrium advantage is two-fold:  We allow you to choose best-of-breed hardware with a cloud-based infrastructure. You can select an access system manufactured by a company that is skilled at creating access systems. Your POS manufacturer specializes in POS readers. Everything about your Atrium system is modular, and being cloud-based allows you to upgrade individual components that benefit from the latest technology without impacting the rest of your system. As updates become available, they can be rolled out seamlessly without the need to take an entire campus off-line.

Using Atrium with best-of-breed and cloud-based infrastructure allows you to configure your campus with the hardware and software that you need, when you need it. You get to choose which components are right for your campus, rather than being forced into costly upgrades from companies that try to be everything for everyone. We designed Atrium to be agile and modular, and a perfect tool for the new iGeneration. It’s simple and easy for both card administrators and users.

Why be forced into a laundry solution from a company that specializes in POS machines? Why buy POS readers from a door access company? Why not tailor your own personal Atrium system with the options and specialized functions that will propel your campus forward – while preserving uptime and saving you valuable money on your bottom line?

You wouldn’t submit to your podiatrist performing brain surgery on you. Don’t allow your vendor to dictate your hardware or software needs. Demand the flexibility to react to changing needs and technology in an effortless and cost-effective way. Choose from the best-of-breed products and create the perfect campus card system for you.

Choose Atrium.