Change is Good

December 24, 2016

When you go into your kitchen, what’s in the cabinet under the sink? Dish detergent? Cleansers? What’s in your pantry? Cans of soup? Some baking supplies?

For many of us, the brands that we choose at the grocery are what our mothers bought when we were kids. We have a tendency to stick to the same bars of soap, same toothpaste, and same brands of breakfast cereal.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and besides…we don’t like change.

Think for a moment about your first car…

1969 Chevrolet Impala. Three-speed on the column, AM radio, hand-cranked windows, and a bench seat in front that was 12 feet across.

Our new car has a six-speed automatic, AM/FM/CD with Bluetooth connectivity, and a double-click of the key fob will automatically open all four windows. It has a back-up camera for reverse, and a sensor to open the rear hatch if our hands are full.

Still driving your Impala? Probably not, as automotive technology has changed and that change was good.

Why, then, is your campus relying on technology developed as long as 20 years ago? Why are you so resistant to change for your campus technology needs?

Is it the anticipated cost? Atrium provides a scalable solution that will provide a cost-effective platform to fit your campus. Being cloud-based eliminates the need for you to host expensive servers on your campus, and frees you from mandated upgrades and maintenance. The hardware that you choose is not proprietary. Pick what works best for you, and fits your budget, and we’ll make it work. George Mason University found that these advantages – a few among many – would save them over $1 million over the first five years of the life of their new Atrium system.

Are you concerned about the time and effort involved in revolutionizing your campus card system? That’s what we’re here for. Atrium is a turn-key solution. We work with administrators to determine their needs, and then we do the heavy lifting. You’re delivered a fully functional product.

When your current provider insists on upgrades to software or hardware, do they mandate taking your campus offline? Is that making you nervous about making a switch? Being cloud-based allows us to create your system in parallel with your current environment, and Atrium can be staged to allow for a hot cutover that takes a matter of a few hours – not days on end.

You’re no doubt used to knowing where to look to gather the information that you need and perform the functions required of your office. Learning a new card administration system can be like learning a new language. We designed Atrium to be user-friendly, and based our interface on the input of administrators across the country. Our user interface is designed to Apple and Google usability standards, and you should feel at home with a single day of training. Much like a new Apple device or the intuitive Google Search, it just works. We also provide customer support in real-time. Just call us.

What about the money you’ve invested in your current systems and hardware? Face it, your current system doesn’t really want to talk to everything on your campus. That’s where being system agnostic comes in handy. Atrium is non-proprietary, and is anxious to connect to everything that you want to use. If you like a card reader better than what you have, pick it up. We can teach it to talk to Atrium. Pick what works best for you, and let us make the connections.

Still scared? Over the next few posts, we’ll go into more detail about each of your misgivings, and help to clarify why switching to Atrium is not only easy, but makes good fiscal sense. Put the Impala in the garage, and step into the future.