The Heart of Atrium

Atrium is a revolutionary campus card management solution, modular and scalable to support the expanding needs of contemporary campuses of any size. It provides the functionality of traditional systems… re-imagined for the future. The system features a personalized administrative Dashboard, comprehensive People Management, Debit Accounts, and unlimited Connections.

As a secure, hosted cloud solution, Atrium eliminates the need for proprietary on-campus infrastructure.

Optional Modules and Connections allow Atrium to expand with a wide variety of popular, established campus systems and devices. Transparent pricing makes Atrium easy on the budget, with no fear of recurring fees or price increases. And everything is backed by complimentary AtriumCare.

  • Dashboard for the Admin

    Atrium provides a revolutionary Dashboard user interface for the admin based on three years of extensive input from campus card administrators and industry leaders.  Dashboard is a 100% browser interface enabling permission-driven administration anywhere, anytime through desktop and laptop.  You personalize and customize Atrium to meet the specific needs of your campus right down to the terminology you want to use.  Atrium Dashboard is fast, powerful, and all-inclusive, eliminating the need for special computer skills and add-on packages for reporting and other tasks.  And Atrium automatically keeps the admin informed through real-time performance monitoring and configurable push notifications.  Dashboard provides other services for the admin such as the Uploader to simplify bulk data import and export either on demand or a scheduled basis.

  • People Management

    Your campus is evolving, and so should the way that you manage its community. Atrium’s People Management allows you to manage information, photographs, credentials, and privileges for every member of your institution. Multiple forms of identification can be assigned for unlimited roles, simplifying administration and eliminating traditional complexity. Quickly accessed through the intuitive Atrium Dashboard, multiple methodologies can be used to assign or revoke a wide range of accounts and activities.

  • Debit Accounts

    Debit Accounts provides the flexibility for the administrator to create multiple debit and credit accounts for a wide variety of uses. Optional Modules and Connections can be added, allowing end-users to use a single form of ID for meal plans, point of sale, off campus vending, special events, and more.

  • Connections

    Connections provide unlimited, robust and secure connections to a wide array of systems and devices, each for a one-time-per-connection charge. Atrium Connections allow institutions to use their existing infrastructure or choose the systems that best meet their requirements. No more proprietary hardware, closed systems, or inflated prices. No custom interfaces for campus IT to write.  And, there are no annual or transactional fees for Connections, thereby reducing cost of ownership. Pay for it once, it just works.


Optional Modules expand the functionality of your Atrium with Meals, Deposits, Off-Campus, and Marketplace, all backed by complimentary AtriumCare. Today’s iGeneration students can use their campus ID as a form of payment across your community for a lasting, positive impression, for convenience, and with security.

  • Meals

    Manage your meal plans the way that you want to. Create an unlimited number of plans, and assign them to any number of end-users. Atrium monitors meals sold, remaining meals, and dollar-value equivalencies. End-users can purchase meals at their convenience by presenting their campus ID at workstations or POS devices across your campus. Pre-configured and custom reports in easy-to-read formats give administrators the information that they need to effectively manage and make the most out of their meal plans.

  • Deposits

    Powered by StudentLink technology, Atrium Deposits allows your customers to manage their accounts from the comfort of their dorm or apartment. Simple to administer, FERPA compliant access profiles can be created for parents and other users, each with their own secure password. Account holders can receive balance-warning notifications, histories, and budgeting tools, all within your own campus-specific domain. Simple reports make reconciliation easy, and reduced foot traffic in your offices increases your staff productivity.

  • Off-Campus

    Your institution is a member of a community. Increase deposits and transaction volumes, and improve your student’s experience, by allowing local merchants to accept your campus ID as a payment method! Designed for minimal effort, it makes it easy to improve the “town and gown’ relationship around your campus. Simple integration into existing point-of-sale devices and software make it easy for the merchant, and revenue from their transactions help support your programs. Administrators have the ability to block a merchant who violates your policies, so your students can be protected from the sale of certain items. Merchants, account-holders, and administrators can be comfortable in the knowledge that all transactions have the backing of JSA Technologies, a proven leader with over $2 billion in incident-free funding transfers since 1998.

  • Marketplace

    Your store, designed the way that you like it, and it’s always open. Marketplace allows institutions to provide an on-campus web store in an off-campus world. Goods and services can be purchased with a campus ID, and a wide variety of merchandising options make it easy to become a vendor, market an event, or host a fundraiser. Powerful tools allow you to manage inventory and pricing, and anyone with the most basic computer skills can design their own store.


Atrium Connections provide unlimited, robust and secure connections to a wide array of systems and devices, each for a one-time-per-connection charge. There are no annual or transactional fees for Connections, thereby reducing cost of ownership. Pay for it once, it just works.

Atrium Connections support an unrestricted number and type of systems and devices, allowing institutions to use existing infrastructure or choose the systems that best meet their requirements. No more proprietary hardware, closed systems, or inflated prices for the equipment.

Atrium includes real-time performance monitoring of all connections with instant push notifications to maximize connection uptime.

Use this Connection to charge per sheet.

Coins are heavy.  Convert your copiers to accept an ID, credit card, or cash.

Use this Connection to utilize a full featured security system for your campus.

Connect your campus ID with every swipe, no matter what type; dining hall, restaurant, retail, or bookstore locations.

Improve your town and gown relationships. Invite local merchants to accept your campus ID.

Connected partners let you wash your jammies then track them on the Internet to see when they’re done.

Scan beyond the barcode. Use full-featured library management systems.

Raise the gate between Atrium and your parking system to allow your campus ID to pay permits, fees, and fines.

Allow your vending devices to accept cash, credit card, and now…your campus ID.

Fill the seats by connecting your distribution system and ticket sales to your campus ID.

An e-store that’s always open, for any department, anywhere.

Mass notification solutions for students, parents, and staff.

Offer convenient visitor services, and cash and credit card deposits anywhere on your campus through quality partners.

Connect to your Student Information System for seamless information management, without the manual labor of posting to a student account.

Share your residential management information with Atrium.

Replacing a card? Eliminate extra steps by connecting card production to Atrium.

Connect Facilities for convenient sports and wellness information management..

Use Atrium to keep employee timekeeping records synced with your campus ID.

Keep your keys in the right hands, all of the time with supported checkout systems.

Use a connected loyalty solution provider to inspire customers and encourage card acceptance by vendors.

Atrium Specs

Availability 100% guaranteed. Clustered, scalable, virtual and redundant servers, firewalls, switches and load balancers. Global (geographic) redundancy. Limitless expansion. No single point of failure. Leading, award winning hosting provider.
Security Innovative design, including multi-factor authentication, PCI compliant framework, encrypted data transmission and redundant security infrastructure. Option available for maintaining sensitive data on campus.
Updates Push notification with rich description of updates/upgrades. Admin determines if/when to implement. Scheduled or on-demand. Easy rollback to last version. Test environments for non-production system testing and training.
Back-Up On-line access to all transaction history. Every aspect is backed up continuously to multiple, redundant databases. All databases and servers backed up daily. Last two weeks of back-ups held on-site, previous two weeks held off-site by Iron Mountain.
Transactional Response Sub-second transactional response time anyplace, anytime. Utilizes modern caching technologies to improve response time on frequently called data queries and datasets.
Databases Four databases per institution. Core data, transactions, user interface, and system logs.
Storage Raid 5 Storage Applicant Network (SAN)
ID Magnetic strip, iClass, RFID, proximity, biometric and NFC. Unlimited, multiple, simultaneous forms of ID supported.
Connectivity Multiple web services (e.g. XML, JSON, REST, SOAP) enabling broad range of systems and devices to be securely connected, preserving investments in existing technology and enabling freedom to select desired solutions across campus.
User Interface 100% browser-based with dynamic scaling to accommodate all devices, including mobile. End users access Atrium via any browser-enabled, Internet device including PC, Mac, UNIX, LINUX, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
Performance Monitoring Real-time performance monitoring with configurable, push notifications.